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The Ultimate in Non-Lethal Personal Safety

Discover the Power of The Omega Formulation

State-of-the-art personal safety device with CS/Tear Gas, OC/Pepper Spray, and a special solvent.

Welcome to Omega Formulation, where your safety is our priority. Our cutting-edge non-lethal personal safety device combines CS/Tear Gas, OC/Pepper Spray, and a unique solvent, setting a new standard in self-defense. Endorsed by Protection Against Crime, Omega Formulation ensures you're equipped with the best. Explore our range of powerful and reliable safety products, including the professional-grade 1,500,000 volt Tiger Stun Gun. Learn life-saving techniques with our 60 Minute Personal Safety Seminar by renowned speaker Gary Politte. Discover peace of mind with Omega Formulation today.

Hear From Our Users

Real stories and reviews from users who have found safety and confidence with Omega Formulation and Tiger Stun Gun.

Jane S.

"I feel so much safer with the Omega Formulation in my bag. It's easy to use, and knowing it's endorsed by Protection Against Crime gives me extra confidence. Highly recommend!"

Marc D.

"The Tiger Stun Gun is fantastic! The built-in charger and safety features make it incredibly convenient and reliable. I never leave home without it."

Emily R.

"Gary Politte's seminar was eye-opening and informative. Learning how to use the Omega Formulation has made me feel prepared and empowered. It's a must-have for anyone concerned about personal safety."

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