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DUO Mini  Rechargeable Stun Gun with Patent Pending Duo Shock Technology.

It is small but powerful enough to stop any attacker. DOUBLE POWER

Safety strap pin and separate pin are included which Disables STUN GUN when pulled out.

Measures 4” tall X 1-5/8” wide X 1” thick.

Slim design, perfect to carry in pocket or purse, with a firm grip design.

Prongs are on the tips for easy access.

Built in super bright LED flash light.

Master switch with separate magnet buttons for LED and Stun to eliminate misfires.

Rechargeable, plugs directly into standard wall outlet (No cord needed).

Includes nylon holster with belt loop for easy carrying.

Life Time warranty.

Available in Black, Pink and  Purple colors.

DUO MINI 25 Million Volt Stun Device with Safety Pin

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