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This is a discounted package price for the Omega Key Chain Model and the 2 Ounce Omega with a safety cap. It includes (3) Key Chain Models and (3) 2 Ounce Omega sprays with a safety cap. 


Omega key chain

The 0.5 oz. Key Chain Model fires a modified liquid stream of irritant up to 14 feet, expanding to an area approximately 2 square feet. The unit also has a detachable joint between the weapon and the key chain. It is designed this way so that you can use your keys to open the door with one hand, and have your weapon ready to use in the other hand. This is the model we recommend for women since it's small enough to fit in a purse and conveniently attaches to a key ring.


2 Ounce Omega Safety Cap

The 2 Ounce Omega Model with a safety cap fires a modified liquid stream of irritant up to 20 feet, expanding to an area approximately 3 - 4 square feet. This model has a carrying case equipped with a sturdy belt clip for convenient transport. Tear Gas with Pepper Spray. 

Key Chain 3 Pack & Omega Safety Cap 3 Pack (Package Discount)

Omega Key Chain Model Color
70 Gram Omega with Safety Top Color
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